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Savannah Sunset with Amphibian Air

I just happened to be in a good spot at the right time for these images…

Dave with Amphibian Air offers a unique, and for some, a ‘bucket list’ experience;  add a coastal sunset and you have a memorable feast for your senses…  (Yes, I have flown with Dave – super guy!)

Note – All of the photos in this set are ‘out-of-the-camera’ – no edits have been done; some images are either over or under-exposed;  any prints from this set will be darker than what is seen on your screen…  Please contact me if you are interested in a custom print.

Also, the seagulls are ‘real’ – they happened to show up at the ‘right time’…

Savannah – Tall Ships Challenge 2012

Time travel is almost possible… – during the 2012 Tall Ships Challenge (May/2012) 13 vintage design sailing ships were docked along the Savannah River providing visitors with an opportunity to board and experience (during sailing excursions) water transportation from a previous era. After several days full of activities the vessels made a Parade of Sail from downtown Savannah into the Atlantic Ocean (destined for the next leg of their ‘race’.)

The weather was not great for this parade (raining downtown, cloudy, windy, with somewhat rough surf at the river entrance) but I did capture images as the vessels left the Savannah River and entered the ocean. The distance from my viewing location to the ships was close to 1 mile so I knew that I would not be getting exceptionally sharp captures. I opted to create a set of images that, perhaps, also step back in time a bit – the images have a watercolor ‘look’ due to the editing that I applied. I created two sets of images:

  • B&W conversions and
  • Color-fade/punch.
  • All images were cropped to a 4×5 ratio so prints matching this ratio would be best (i.e. 4×5, 8×10, 16×20.)

Prints can be ordered by selecting the ‘Visit Gallery link’ within the slide shows below.  The ships listed as participating in this event include:

  1. Alliance – 105-foot, three-masted gaff-rigged schooner, 20′ beam, built in 1990.
  2. Lynx – Square topsail schooner, 23′ beam.
  3. Appledore V – steel hulled Gaff rigged schooner, 14′ beam.
  4. Peacemaker – full rigged ship, 30′ beam, 1st launched in 1989.
  5. Bounty – full rigged ship, 30′ beam, built in 1960 for the movie: “Mutiny on the Bounty”.
  6. Picton Castle – 3 masted barque, steel, 24′ beam.
  7. Dewaruci – steel barquentine, 31′ beam, launched in 1952, largest ship in the Indonesian Navy.
  8. Pride of Baltimore II – wooden hulled  topsail schooner, ~23′ beam
  9. Etoile – wooden hulled full rigged ship, 30′ beam, participating in Tall Ships Race since 1958.
  10. Roseway – wooden hulled schooner, 25′ beam, built in 1925.
  11. Eagle (WIX 27) – steel hulled, three masted Barque, 40′ beam, built in the 1930’s, USCG training vessel.
  12. Theodore Too – wooden hulled imitation tugboat, 22′ beam.
  13. La Belle Poule – wooden hulled topsail schooner, 24′ beam, launched in 1932.
  14. Sir Martin II – steel hulled, two masted, custom rigged, luxury sailing vessel, 18′ beam.

The Parade of Sail

The Eagle lead this procession with the tugboat Theodore Too being the last vessel.  The sequence of images in the slide shows are ordered as captured.  In some cases, multiple images of the same ship are presented.  The images show the vessels leaving the Savannah River via the shipping channel.

Coming soon – images of several of these vessels docked on the Savannah River as well as a short video from this Parade of Sail.  🙂